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The Périgord region corresponds to the department of the Dordogne. The Périgord, a rich and fertile country, is densely forested and crisscrossed by rivers flowing from the plateau of the Massif Central out to the Atlantic. Of these, the Dordogne has carved out through the center a beautiful winding valley of gentle greenery. Many Stone Age relics and caves have been found here dating from around 20,000 years ago. In the village markets, the fruit and vegetables, nuts, and mushrooms of every description bear witness to the region’s self-sufficiency in food.

Legend has it that when God distributed his castles, he started with the Loire Valley. After leaving there, his bag burst over the Dordogne river and the Périgord region so he turned it inside out an shook out the remaining 1001 castles. The Périgord will be eternally thankful for his clumsiness!